My Claymore is Bigger Than Yours!

The Laird of Lower Crackpot and his humour!

Hello dear world!  Let me introduce myself.  I have decided to join the ranks of the world's bloggers and make you aware of the way things are because I am very elderly and I've been there and done that.  It's my first time using such modern technologies so please bear with me :)

I am The Brian, Laird of Lower Crackpot, Chieftain of Clan Crackpot, Chief Magistrate and Sheriff of Lower Crackpot (see my video below).

I am the real thing: a true member of the Aristocracy, but I also have my own bunch of motorcycle riding heavies: The Crackpot Angels, for rough political work.  I also have my own family tartan, which is in the Scottish Tartan World Register (registration number STWR3062 INDER Tasmania).   My landed estate is recognised by Her Majesty and I pay tribute to the crown. So you see, I speak from a position of authority, and besides, my claymore (large Scottish sword) is bigger than yours.

As I continue to add to this blog (as my poor old finger allows - yes, I type with only one.  I am 86 after all!), I shall speak of the beautiful district we live in: the Cradle Mountain and Lake District of North Western Tasmania, its great pioneer history and how Melbourne was created from here - born and bred in fact.  It's our baby, now grown into a lusty adult, umbilical cord still intact.  We are now the old folks at home - so to speak - providing one of the world's great stress break holiday destinations.

I will talk of many things politically incorrect, because that is how we do things in Lower Crackpot, according to my own decree.  I may hit home some hard nails too, talking about the threat of an impending new Great Depression, one that will make the last depression seem like a holiday.  The words Great Depression may mean nothing to you, but I am old enough to have experienced it.  I lived through it for real.  It had such an impact on me that I am still running to escape it.  Things will have to change soon if we are to avoid it.  But together we can overcome anything: United We Stand, Divided We Fall, remember?

I will talk about other things close to my heart, such as small business retailers and how they are carrying us all and how they are enslaved, in the real old fashioned sense of the word.  A great wickedness has been thrust upon them. But I have just now been told I can't say things like that on here, so there, I have been gagged already!  Time I think that I should join with Prince Leonard of Hutt River province and like him, succeed from the Commonwealth.  What say you?